At Place Generation, our commitment lies in delivering bespoke, comprehensive solutions that reflect the distinctive characteristics and requirements of each location with which we engage. We create a custom process for each place, rather than "products" that only require parameter adjustments. We also employ a wide array of meticulously researched methodologies and concepts, which we apply as relevant to each specific project. 

PLACE STRATEGY is founded on rigorous research and extensive resident engagement, ensuring tailor-made strategies that align with shared values. 

With our global team's expertise, we have developed masterplans, strategic frameworks, destination development plans, regenerative tourism plans, sustainability plans, and marketing plans on five continents, enabling places to thrive and flourish.

PLACE LEADERSHIP addresses the diverse needs of organisations seeking guidance in implementing strategies. From coaching CEOs on leadership styles and company cultures to process mapping, defining new roles, task assignment, and restructuring organisational charts, we assist in stakeholder management, sustainability, inclusivity, and reshaping marketing and branding efforts. 

Our expertise empowers organisations to navigate complex challenges and drive meaningful change within their operations. 

PLACE GENERATOR is a program that offers a condensed yet comprehensive three-day training for professionals representing places, administrations and DMOs. Participants gain insights into regenerative thinking, behavioural change, place-making, destination development and holistic marketing and branding via keynotes, interactive workshops, and real-world case studies. 

PLACE INSPIRATOR features team members who have captivated global audiences with impactful keynotes and authored insightful books and blog articles. In the coming years, we will continue to create new content that showcases our innovative thinking, sharing presentations and inviting guest speakers to engage in meaningful dialogues on topics that resonate with you. 

We aim to inspire and spark conversations about matters close to your heart.

PLACE IDENTITY is a methodology that assesses the current state and uncovers a place's unique essence and identity. It reveals assets and attributes, identifies narrative gaps, reflects on your place's life cycle and delves into the intrinsic characteristics, culture, and values that shape a place, enabling strategic decision-making and authentic place development. 

By understanding a destination's place identity, stakeholders can create responsible and compelling narratives and experiences that resonate with visitors and locals alike.

VivaCITY is an ambitious project led by the experienced team at Place Generation, in a partnership with City Destination Alliance (Europe), and Simpleview (USA).

Over a period of three years, we will provide comprehensive advice, transformation, and coaching to two cities, conduct in-depth research to identify local challenges and implement a strategy specifically tailored for each place. This long-term engagement exemplifies our holistic approach, showcasing the power of comprehensive methodologies and beliefs in driving effective change and sustainable solutions for your city over time. This project will serve as an open learning lab, accessible to all CityDNA members, and a fascinating case study for global audiences. It will provide valuable insights and lessons learned that can be applied in various contexts, making it an engaging and informative resource for cities worldwide..